Services Strengthen Customer Relationships


  • The sales and service arm of a large electronics product manufacturer has been offering world class brands, deep application expertise, broad industry experience, and global reach for decades.


  • Products dominate revenues
  • Customer interactions were infrequent between buying cycles
  • Current services viewed as commodity
  • Unable to achieve full solutions provider status


  • Clarified distinction between product and service businesses
  • Assessed implications of differences for operations
  • Helped define the role and strategic intent for services
  • Assessed market position for each service
  • Developed customer driven service innovation process
  • Applied process to reposition and expand services
  • Defined business model required to support services

Client Results

  • New role and strategic intent for services
  • Customer driven service innovations
  • Services repositioned as higher value offerings
  • Strategy and business model to maximize the success of each service
  • Double digit growth throughout the recession

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