From keynotes, conference and convention sessions, executive management meetings, and workshops… we are a speaker for all audiences. We bring three decades of experience, meaningful insights, practical advice, relevant best practices, and unique content to support the theme of your meeting and to engage, entertain and stimulate the imagination of your audience.

All presentations are customized for your audience. Popular topics include:

  • The Secret to Creating a Customer Driven Company:
    How to understand and apply relevant best practices by others to take your customer management activities to a higher level
  • Customer Relationships are the Most Underutilized Assets in Your Organization:
    How to think about, value, manage and benefit from building long term profitable relationships with your most valuable customers
  • Services are Different:
    How to think about, select and manage service offerings, different from product offerings
  • Customer Driven Service Innovation:
    How to solicit and use customer feedback to reposition your service offerings in the market for accelerated growth and higher profits
  • Master Your Customer’s Experiences Without Boiling The Ocean:
    How to create desired customer experiences at the key leverage points for each segment of your addressable market
  • Organizing Around the Customer:
    How to breakdown organizational silos (e.g.., product, geographic and functional) and manage the customer relationship holistically cross the entire organization
  • Compelling Value Propositions:
    What are they, how do we create them, and how do we deliver on them
  • Chief Customer Officer:  a Requirement or a Crutch?
    How to think about the position of Chief Customer Officer in your organization
  • Social Media and Why You Can’t Ignore It:
    How to think about social media and its role in building long term profitable relationships with your customers

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