What customer facing processes do you excel in?

We help clients to improve the customer facing processes that deliver the desired buying experiences.

Our Approach

We reverse engineer customer facing processes like sales, marketing, account management, customer service and service delivery to ensure the desired customer experience is achieved for each relevant segment. For example, in the sales process we address the degree and nature of sales force specialization, coverage model, competencies, selling methodologies, enablers, management system, control and coordination of the selling effort, reporting relationships, size of the sales force, and territory deployment for each segment.

Our Capabilities

  • Process redesign
  • Sales efficiency and effectiveness
  • Account planning and management
  • Distribution channel management
  • Marketing efficiency and  effectiveness
  • Social media effectiveness
  • Key resource requirements
  • Service delivery innovation and effectiveness

Client Benefits

  • Greater customer loyalty driven by better buying experiences
  • More efficient and effective processes that are driven by customer needs and balanced with organizational goals