Who do you sell to?

We work with our clients to identify, segment and prioritize their customers.

Our Approach

We help clients to determine which customers are primary and secondary targets utilizing lifetime value, needs-based, behavioral-based, and/or other segmentation schemes. We then work to ensure our clients invest in their customer relationships commensurate with the value (actual and potential) they represent.

Our Capabilities

  • Customer lifetime value analysis
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Customer segmentation (e.g., value, needs, behavioral, etc.)
  • Customer prioritization & target selection

Client Benefits

  • Accelerated growth enabled by a greater internal focus on the most valuable and highest potential customers
  • Greater efficiency generated by a companywide understanding of customer prioritization
  • Improved profitability driven by investments in customer relationships that are commensurate with their value to our client’s organization
  • Optimized design of supporting process and infrastructure for each segment (e.g., sales force design and approach, offerings, customer experience, value proposition)