Customer Intimacy Accelerates Growth


  • For over 40 years, this mid-sized regional sales and service organization has helped life science, food & beverage, energy, pulp and paper and specialty chemical clients to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their plant operations.


  • Markets changing at unprecedented rate
  • Gap between the client and competitor’s products was narrowing
  • Customers becoming more sophisticated buyers, consolidating their vendors, and raising their expectations for suppliers
  • Client too dependent on a single industry, a few accounts, and one master sales person
  • Management wanted to ensure its strategy was aligned with changes


  • Helped management formulate a customer driven business strategy
  • Established customer intimacy as foundation for sustainable competitive advantage
  • Segmented the market, profiled and prioritized customers, expanded offerings, and formulated compelling value propositions
  • Helped implement strategic initiatives (e.g., incubated and launched new service, designed and applied new strategic account management process, key process improvement)
  • We have repeated strategy and implementation assistance in each of the last three years

Client Results

  • Compound annual revenue growth rate of 22 percent in each of the last three years
  • Management consensus around a single, common vision and strategy
  • Business diversification plan
  • New service offering

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