CRM Readiness


  • A turnkey financial asset management company providing investment products and services to individuals and institutions in 50 countries.  They have more than $100 B in assets under management.


  • CEO had ambitious three year growth plan
  • Several systems and processes required a redesign to support growth
  • A customer relationship management (CRM) system was one area targeted for improvement
  • Company had no CRM strategy
  • Management had no understanding of the requirements for a CRM system of the future


  • Interviewed senior management and conducted workshop with key management and staff
  • Reviewed best practices and common reasons for CRM failure
  • Formulated a vision for the CRM system needed in the future
  • Assessed current customer driven strategy and CRM implementation today
  • Identified and prioritized gaps between the CRM vision and the client’s current reality

Client Results

  • Consensus around a vision for the company’s CRM
  • Clarity around which customer driven objectives CRM must support
  • Specific, practical and achievable strategic initiatives for next 12 months
  • Detailed action plans and milestones to guide actions
  • Clarity around challenges to CRM implementation and recommendations on how to address them

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