Customer Centricity Creates Value


  • A multi-billion dollar consortium of independent sales and service businesses that provide products and services to industrial markets throughout North America.  These businesses have exclusive geographic territories and presents themselves to customers as a unified channel.


  • Market demand was flat, margins were deteriorating, and offerings were commoditizing
  • Suppliers to consortium dominated the relationship
  • Consortium wished to address trends, strengthen their position, and enhanced shareholder value
  • Diverse makeup of consortium and its organizational structure created special challenges


  • Worked with member CEOs to define a five year vision and customer driven business strategy for the consortium
  • Developed framework for transforming each member into a customer-driven business
  • Helped consortium to implement strategic recommendations
  • Re-segmented customers based upon value
  • Restructured sales force around segments
  • Enhanced consultative selling approach
  • Designed and implemented a new account management program
  • Expanded and innovated service businesses
  • Facilitated forums to accelerate best practice sharing between members and companies outside consortium

Client Results

  • Compound annual revenue growth rate of 13 percent for each of the last six years, despite the recession
  • Five year financial objectives achieved in two years
  • A more customer driven business model
  • Businesses reconfigured around customer value
  • A services led, consultative selling approach

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