What do you sell?

We help our clients tailor their offerings to each customer segment.

Our Approach

Offerings describe how companies create value for their customers. They define which customer needs or problems will be addressed. Within this context, we help clients to identify, select, innovate, bundle/package and price their products and services. We help them to make better decisions about their portfolio of offerings. We address which offerings to keep, which to innovate, and which to discontinue. We also help determine which to sell standalone and which to bundle. Finally, we address where to standardize and where to co-create and mass customize.

Services and service innovation are of particular importance to customer driven companies. They offer the potential to add more value and create stronger customer relationships, particularly between product buy cycles.

Our Capabilities

  • Product and service identification and selection
  • Portfolio management
  • Offer bundling
  • Pricing model – fixed or dynamic
  • Revenue model – one time transactional or recurring
  • Market positioning
  • Service innovation

Client Benefits

  • Optimized and well managed product and service portfolios
  • Stronger customer loyalty enabled through services
  • Differentiated offerings
  • Service innovations that reposition offerings as higher value and/or more unique
  • Maximized revenue through dynamic pricing
  • Greater account intelligence and control