How do you institutionalize feedback & learning?

We help our clients to collect and leverage customer feedback into continuous improvement of their operations.

Our Approach

It is not the quality of the process but the rate of improvement that defines a company’s ability to sustain its customer driven advantage. We help clients to design and implement customer feedback programs that will sustain or improve their performance. In some instances, we conduct the customer interviews on our client’s behalf. In others, we help clients to establish or strengthen their own voice of the customer programs. In either case our focus is on how to take meaningful actions based on the results.

Our Capabilities

  • Customer measurement and feedback system design and implementation
  • Customer interviewing
  • Metric design
  • Benchmarketing
  • Defection & complaint analysis

Client Benefits

  • Sustained competitive advantage through customer directed continuous improvement
  • Refined offerings
  • Improved infrastructure and operating models
  • Improved strategic decisions driven by the voice of the customer